Words and Music by Debra R. Stacey

© Grand Junction Publishing/BMI


Key: Bb/B



Verse 1:                Bb                        Eb/Bb

                        He left His throne, He was alone


                              Dm7      Gm7        Ab              F

                        For you He came, endured all the pain


                                 Bb                                Eb/Bb 

                        They spit on His face as they tried His case


                               Dm7               Gm7             Bb/F  F   Bb

                        The stripes on His back, what a horrible act



Chorus:                 Bb                        Eb/Bb

                        For you (He died) for you (He cried)


                                     Dm7              Gm7                  Ab       Bb/F   F

                        (I have finished all the work I came to do) it is fin  -   ished


                                Bb                       Eb            F/D Cm7

                        (For you) He bled, he arose from the  dead


                                          Bb         Adim  Gm7      Bb/F  F   Bb

                        Wonít you come to him     now, it  was   for you



Verse 2:                 Bb                                   Eb/Bb

                        The nails in His hands dripped blood on the sands


                            Dm7     Gm7          Ab                F

                        A thorny crown was placed on his brow


                              Bb                            Eb/Bb 

                        He felt the shame as they mocked His name


                               Dm7   Gm7        Bb/F  F      Bb

                        The bitter cup as the cross went up



Bridge:                                 Bb                    Eb/Bb

                        Jesus said for you I suffered I bled and I died


                                F                               Bb

                        The chords of sin I have untied


                                      D7        D7/F#                 Gm              Gm/F

                        When I cried it is finished, Satanís work was diminished


                                   C7                           F                                           F#

                        It was not my will but even now I would still die for you



Chorus:                 B                         E/B

                        For you (He died) for you (He cried)


                                     D#m7             G#m7                A        B/F#   F#

                        (I have finished all the work I came to do) it is fin  -   ished


                                B                          E             F#/D#   C#m7

                        (For you) He bled, he arose from the        dead


                                          B          Bbdim  G#m7    B/F#   F#   B

                        Wonít you come to him      now, it was    for   you