Holy Anointing

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis and Debbie Stacey

© 1993 HIM Music


Key: G





G        C                 G                   C

Holy anointing will break every yoke


G       C                G                   C

Holy anointing of which Isaiah spoke


G                           C                 G               B7      Em

Tearing down the walls of the stronghold of the foe


C        G             C      G

Holy anointing, holy anointing


C        G                  G/D    D7     G

Holy anointing will break every yoke



Verse I:


              G                        G/B                       C                   Gdim/C#

You can have your fancy sermons,          so eloquent and sweet


G/D                    Em                                C7

Itching ears are waiting          for some new philosophy


       G                      G/B                           C                     Gdim/C#

But if you want the power          that will make a sinner whole,


A7                      A7/C#                C/D

Let an old time preacher fan the fire in His soul



Verse II:


              G                        G/B               C                     Gdim/C#

You can have your fancy choir          in six part harmony


G/D                         Em                C7

The orchestra and solo          as perfect as can be


       G                      G/B                  C                          Gdim/C#

But if you want the power          to sweep across the floor


A7                   A7/C#                      C/D

Let a saint of Godís whoís prayed sing unto the Lord



Verse III:


         G                                G/B                       C                  Gdim/C#

Now please donít take me wrong          if itís talent you possess


G/D           Em                                           C7

If we represent the Lord,          we must give Him our best


       G                      G/B                            C                     Gdim/C#

But if you want the power          that will set the captive free


A7                       A7/C#            C/D

The Holy Ghost anointing will bring the liberty