Words and music by Alan Harris

Primarily Gospel Music


Key: F



Verse 1:                 C7             C7/Bb          F           F/A

                        The Lord is my shepherd, a shelter in trouble


                            Bb             F/A           G7             Gm7   C7

                        A shield I can trust in till my battles end


                                F               Bb                     C7               F

                        Hes rest for the weary and Hes hope for the lost


                              Bb                  F/A                     G7            Gm7/C    C7

                        He purchased my pardon when He died on the cross



Chorus:                          F                 Cm7      Dm7/Bb  Bb             Gm7

                        I ask you how could I ever not love       Him?



                        Hes the refuge in my time of storm


                                  Bb            Fdim6/B      F7      F/A   Bb

                        When Im low in spirit, he restoreth my   soul


                        Dbmaj7       F/C    C7                    F

                        How could I ever not the love the Lord



Verse 2:                 C7                   C7/Bb           F                     F/A

                        His voice brings me comfort; His touch thrills my soul


                               Bb                          F/A                G7                     Gm7   C7

                        His blood bought my salvation and His stripes made me whole


                                      F                Bb               C7        F

                        What so freely Hes given I could never afford


                                    Bb             F/A                      G7           Gm7/C    C7

                        So you see, its no wonder how much I love my Lord