Iím Going Up to Zionís Hill

Words and music by Jim E. Davis

© HIM Music


Key: Eb/E



Intro:              Eb            Ab

                        Iím goiní up (6x)



Verse 1:                   Eb

                        I was down in the valley, Ďol Satan had me bound


                                                                            Bb7                 Eb7

                        I thought that I would never walk again on higher ground



                        Then I heard a voice saying, child, you donít belong


                        Eb/G    Ab7      Adim6   Adim    Bb7               Eb        E

                        Get up on your feet itís time to sing a victory song



Verse 2:               E7

                        At first I hesitated, my heart could not believe


                                                                          B7                     E7

                        That I could be forgiven and my soul could be set free



                        But then the Savior touched me and He took me by the hand


                              E/G#   A7        A#dim6  A#dim  B7                  E7   

                        He said ďI went to Calvary so on   Zion you can standĒ













Chorus:                                 E7

                        (Iím goiní up) Iím goiní up (to Zionís hill) to Zionís hill


                                                             F#7               B7aug

                        (Iím goiní up) Iím goiní up (to Zionís hill) to Zionís hill



                        (And Iím gonna praise Him) praise Him (praise Him) praise Him



                        Praise Him Ďtill I know



                        (The Holy Spirit) Spirit (is moviní) moviní



                        Way down in my soul


                                       Em7/G#  F#m7/A   Bbm6   B7aug   E7        

                        (Iím goiní up) Iím goiní       up to   Zionís   hill



Verse 3:                  E7

                        One day Iíll hear the trumpet to announce the end of time


                                                                                     B7                         E7

                        Iíll join the blood bought millions and Iíll leave this world behind



                        Iíll march into that city with the shout of the redeemed


                               E/G#     A7           A#dim6   A#dim    B7                               E7   

                        And high up on Mount Zion,      brother, thatís where youíll find me



Bridge:           Em7          A7

                        Iím goiní up (8x, drums only for last four)



Ending:                           Em7/G#          F#m7/A      Bbm6  

                        (Iím goiní up)          Iím goiní          up


                        B7aug        E7        E7/D  A7     A7/B   E                

                        (To Zionís hill) Iím goiní up to Zionís hill