I am Forgiven

Words and music by Jim E. Davis

© HIM Music


Key: Bb/C



Verse 1:                   Bb                 Bb/D      Eb             Cm7

                        I was bound by the chains of sin and despair


                        F                                    Cm7                 Bb

                        My life was hopeless, no one seemed to care


                                Bb             Bb/D      Eb               Cm7

                        Then I heard the story of Godís saving grace


                            Cm7   F/D  Eb6  Bb/F   D7/F#   Gm7        Cm/F           Bb         Eb/F

                        Redemption   was bought for        me when He took my place



Chorus:          Bb         Bb/D  Eb              Cm7

                        I am forgiven,  Iím coming home


                        F7         Cm7/F   F7          Eb    Bb/D Cm7  Bb

                        I have a par   -   don that came from  the   throne


                        Bb            Bb/D               Eb         F/D   Cm7            

                        No longer haunted by the guilt of   the    past


                        Cm7  F/D  Eb6   Bb/F  D7/F#   Gm7  Cm7      F7sus4  F7     Bb    Bb/D  Eb  Eb/F 

                        I       am    for  -  gi         -       ven,   I am forgiv   -   en at last



Verse 2:                      Bb             Bb/D   Eb                 Cm7

                        When I tried to be holy I  failed so many times


                                F                                      Cm7            Bb

                        And my condemnation gave me no peace of mind


                                Bb             Bb/D              Eb                      Cm7

                        Then I found the answer at the cross when I had been


                        Cm7   F/D  Eb6  Bb/F   D7/F#   Gm7                   F7           Bb         Eb/F

                        Mer - cy    was  wai        -        ting     there for me once again




From chorus: Cm7  F/D  Eb6   Bb/F   D7/F#   Gm7  Cm7      F7sus4  F7    G7sus4  G7

                        I       am   for  -  gi          -       ven,   I am forgiv    -  en at last



Chorus:          C           C/E   F                Dm7

                        I am forgiven, Iím coming home


                        G7         Dm7/G  G7         F      C/E   Dm7  C

                        I have a par   -   don that came from the   throne


                        C              C/E                 F         G/E   Dm7                       

                        No longer haunted by the guilt of   the    past


                        Dm7  G/E  F6    C/G   E7/G#   Am7   Dm7     G7sus4  G7     C   

                        I       am   for  -  gi         -       ven,    I am forgiv   -   en at  last