I Fall In Love

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© Centergy Music Group



Key Ė D/Eb



Piano          D          D+/A#          Bm          C          G/A

Add drums and bass          D    D+/A#     Bm     C     G/A     A7     Bm     A7/C#



D                    D+/A#

I fall in love all over again

Bm                           Cmaj7/D   D7

I fall in love with you Je     -     sus

Gmaj7                          G/E  A/E  G/E  A7/G

You are so precious in my   heart to Ė day

F#m                            B7sus4

Just like the day we began

B7       Em  A      A7      D         G/A   G/A   A7   Bm   A7/C#

I fall in lo Ė ve all over again


Verse 1

D                       D+/A#

I canít forget the day that you came

             Bm                                   Cmaj7/D   D7

And the moment you called out my na     -     me

       Gmaj7             G/E    A/E   G/E  A7/G

You lifted my head re  -  stored my  joy

F#m                                B7sus4

And washed away every stain

B7          Em7                A/F#

Iím still amazed at your marvelous grace

      Gmaj7                        Gmaj7/A          A7

My heart overflows and I canít help but say


Verse 2

D                        D+/A#

Sometimes I stop to remember when

           Bm                       Cmaj7/D    D7

You became more than a frie     -     nd

Gmaj7                     G/E  A/E  G/E  A7/G

Time after time you car - ried  me   through

F#m                                B7sus4

I found a love that wonít end

B7                    Em7                   A/F#

More now than then Iíve got to say it again

Gmaj7                            Gmaj7/A  A7

My love is stronger than itís ever been


Key change

Gmaj7     Abmaj7/Bb

Itís ever been



Eb                   Eb+/B

I fall in love all over again

Cm                           Dmaj7/Eb Eb7

I fall in love with you Je     -     sus

Abmaj7                         Ab/F  Bb/F Ab/F  Bb7/Ab

You are so precious in my      heart to  Ė  day

Gm                              C7sus4

Just like the day we began

C7      Fm   Bb    Ab/Bb Eb      Ab/Bb  Ab/Bb

I fall in lo Ė ve all over again



C7       Fm

I fall in love

Bb       Db      Ab/C

I fall in love in love


All over again


I fall in love


All over again

Gb6     Fdim7 Eb

I fall in love again