I Have a Place I Can Go

Words and Music by Peggy Hilton

© 1992 HIM Music


Key: D



Verse I:


            D                    A/C#

As the world moves around me


               Bbm            C/D

With its trouble and strife


               G                        D/F#

And the pressure gets to heavy


        E7                   A7

As I seek a better life


                 D                A/C#

Thereís a hand I can cling to


    D7             G

Assurance I know


       D           A7              D

Oh, I have a place I can go





                 G     C G                              C     G

When the road is rough, and the way gets tough



It seems so hard to bear


                 G     C  G                   C    G

Thereís a special place, and by His grace


   E7                              A7

I know Heíll meet me there


              D              A/C#

Thereís sweet consolation


                   D7/C                G

Where the healing waters flow


       D           A7               D

Oh, I have a place I can go




Verse II:


              D                    A/C#

It could be while Iím working


      Bbm                     C/D

Or driving down the road


    G                     D/F#

It doesnít really matter


       E7                                  A7

An honest prayer is always heard


       D                  A/C#

My burdens are lifted


         D7                 G

And peace fills my soul


        D           A7              D

Oh, I have a place I can go