I Love to Say Jesus

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© HIM Music


Key – C


Cho.                        Cm7                           Cm7

            I love to say Jesus      I love to say Jesus



            How I love (how I love) how I love (how I love)



            That lovely name (how I love to say that name)


                     F7            Cdim6/F#

            Everytime (everytime) I say that name


              C           C/E            F         C/E     Dm   

            I know (I know) that help is on the way


        C                  Am              D             G                  C

            How I love (how I love) how I love (how I love)



That lovely name (how I love to say that name)




Jesus.  I love to say that name.  Jesus.

            His name is a gift from Heaven.

            When God brought His precious only Son out of this world and seat Him on the right side of His heavenly throne, He did not leave us defenseless and vulnerable to the enemy of our souls.  His plan was built on a firm foundation destined to outlive on the Roman Empire but through countless attacks for over two thousand years.

            He could have given us a visible symbol to bow down before, touch with our hand and to worship or perhaps a cross to wear around our neck…but he knew it could be destroyed, lost, or stolen.

            He could have given us a place.  A holy temple or sacred site where we could go and worship….but he knew how difficult it would be for His people to travel back and forth and that the poor could never afford to make such a pilgrimage.

            He could have given us an appointed time, a certain day, or maybe a week where we could have access to Heaven and bring out petitions to the throne…but he knew we need a God that would be available all year, all month, and every hour of the day.


            He could have given us a ritual, songs, or spoken chants with a formula to bring man and God together in fellowship and to use against the powers of darkness…but he knew that in a battle there isn’t enough time to remember a ceremonial creed or incantations.

            No, in His divine wisdom, He only have us a simple, common name…Jesus.

            And when you say the name Jesus, you are not only calling on the creator of the universe, but you are calling on the Redeemer, the Rock of Ages, the Light of the World, a Counselor, an Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End!

            He’s a God that’s everywhere at any time of day and all we have to say is Jesus!  How I love to say that name…Jesus!