Words and music by George Davis Sr.

© HIM Music


Key: F/G



Verse 1:                              F7              F7/A                  Bb7                      F7                        

                        There was a time when I didnít know all about the Christian band


                                                           Dm7                  G7                           C7

                        I was longing for some fellowship and I searched across the land


                             Bb7                                        F7                       Bb7

                        So lost and far away from home I wandered aimlessly


                              F7                   Dm7                               C7

                        I began to feel like coming home when somebody prayed for me



Verse 2:          G7                      G7/B              C7                   G7

                        Mother said letís go to church I said I believe I will


                                                              Em7                     A7                          D7

                        So we went down to the Holiness meeting just down under the hill


                               C7                                                               G7           C7

                        The old-time preacher preached the word saying whosever will


                        G7                             Em7                     D7             

                        I found Jesus with the saints of God and I am with them still



Chorus:                      G7     C/G  G7              C/G   G7

                        (Well I want) I      want (to be) to      be



                        With the saints (everywhere I go)


                                    G7    C/G  G7              C/G  G7

                        (Well I want) I      want (to be) to     be


                                           A7                                                           D7

                        (Where the living waters flow) where the living waters flow


                                    C7                                        G7                            C7                                         

                        (If I get lost and I lose my way Heís) telling me where they go


                                                              G7/B           C7/D          D7            G7

                        (ĎCause I want) I want to be with the saints everywhere they go



Verse 3:          G7                             G7/B           C7                 G7

                        The human is race is about run the Bible tells me so


                                                       Em7            A7                      D7

                        The saints will go to Heaven the sinners will go below


                                  C7                                                 G7                       C7

                        Well I had enough of the sinful life when I found the crimson flow


                                   G7                      Em7              D7             

                        Please take me with the saints of God everywhere they go