It Is Well

Words and Music by Ruth E. Brimm

© 2000 David and Ruth Brimm

Used With Permission


Verse I:


         F                                           F/A

Now Job was a godly and upright man,


Bb                           F

Perfect in all of his ways


                              C/E             Dm

The devil thought      he could have his soul


                  G7                                   C

If he could take all his possessions away


          F                                 F/A

So he stripped him of all his riches


                Bb7                                               G7/B

Took his children, and left him all alone


              F/C              A7/C#   Dm7

But Job said “My redeemer liveth”


               C                  F

And it is well with my soul”





                F7Bb/F  F7                            F7    Bb/F F7

It is well (it  is       well) with my soul (with my    soul)


                        G7                 C   

(It is well; it is well with my soul)


        F                                        F7/Eb 

The storms may come and the wind may blow (ooh aah)


       Bb/D                     Db6               F7/A  Gm/Bb Bb7 C D7sus4   D7

But this one thing for sure I know (it       is well, it    is     well)


Gm F/A Gm/Bb F/C                               C7                Bb/F      F

(It  is     we  –  ll) it is well, (it is well with my soul) with my soul



Verse II:



There’s been trouble with this old body


         Bb                       F

Ever since the fall of mankind



There are questions life leaves unanswered


        G7                                   C

And worries that trouble the mind


          F                     F/A

But if you belong to Jesus



On this promise you can stand:


            F/C      A7/C# Dm7

He will never, never leave you;


                     C                                          F

Nothing can take you from the Master’s hand



Bridge (5x)






The devil may fight and the storms may blow



But he can’t take away the peace of my soul



(Repeat with Sopranos, then Tenors, then Basses, then all together)