Words and Music by Marty Don Millikin

© HIM Music


Key: F


Verse 1:                            F             F/A     C/Bb           Bb

                        Ever had a valley too low for you to walk through


                        F/A           Gm7       C7           Bb       F

                        Ever had a river too wide for you to cross


                                         Cm6              D7/A     Bb      Bbm6/Eb

                        Ever had a mountain too high for you to climb


                                                F    C/E    Dm      Gm7  C7    F

                        Remember that Je - sus is greater than them all



Chorus:          Bb/C      F                         F/A           C/Bb          Bb       F/A

                        I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me


                        Gm7                     C7            Bb      F

                        All things through Christ who is my strength


                                         Cm6/Eb         Cdim6/A   Bb         Bbm6/Eb

                        There’s no mountain too high;   no river too wide


                               F   C/E    Dm       Gm7  C7   F

                        For Je - sus is greater than them all



Verse 2:                            F                F/A       C/Bb    Bb

                        Ever had a question too hard for you to answer


                        F/A            Gm7            C7        Bb       F

                        Ever had a problem too big for you to solve


                                          Cm6          D7/A        Bb      Bbm6/Eb

                        Ever had a burden too heavy for you to carry


                                                F   C/E    Dm       Gm7  C7    F

                        Remember that Je - sus is greater than them all