Living Testimony

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 1999 HIM Music


Key: D



Verse I:



He laid at the gate called Beautiful, but he was a pitiful sight



Begging for alms, because he was blind; he had never walked a day in his life



Peter and John came walking by on their way to the temple that day



They didnít have silver or gold to give, but they knew how to pray



In the name of Jesus they lifted him up, much to his surprise


           F7                                                               G7        A7

He began to leap and walk around, and said ďI gotta testify!Ē






Iím a living testimony of what the power of God can do



Iím a miracle, you can see, walking in these shoes



My soul has been saved; my bodyís been healed,


       E7                                    A7                                   Aaug

My life has been changed; I know I know itís real


          G7                                            A7                            D7

Iím a living testimony of what the power of God can do.



Verse II: 



Everybody here is a miracle; weíve all got a story to tell



Like a fire down deep inside of our bones, we canít keep it to ourselves



How He reached way down and he brought my up out of the miry clay



How He set my feet on the solid ground and started me on my way



Now if you think that isnít enough, I could testify all day


               F7                                                         G7                             A7

How He baptized me with the Holy Ghost, and Iím not ashamed to say: