Old Path

By Jim E. Davis

Copyright 1992 HIM Music


Key: Db/D


Verse I:


        Db                       B/Db                          Gb/Db                   Db  

The memories that I cherish most are the scenes of Sunday night;


                 Bbm2                                Bbm2/Ab          Eb9              Gb/Ab

When the preacher gave all that he had to give to lay it on the line


                        Db                  B/Db               Gb/Db              Db

There was conviction in the altars and compassion in the pews


                          Bbm2              Bbm2/Ab                   Eb9                         Gb/Ab

Oh, how much farther will we walk away from that path that has been proved?





                           Db                B   Gb                            Ab                         Bbm  F

(We’ve go to…) Ask for the old paths, we‘ve got to search to find the tru - th


                         Bb                       Bb7/Ab

And when the fashions of this day are gone



The old path still goes on and on


Db                          Ebm            Db/A  Ab7 Db

Ask, we’ve got to ask for the o   -   ld    path



Verse II:


         Db                            B/Db                         Gb/Db              Db  

This road is straight and narrow and you may have to walk alone


              Bbm2                             Bbm2/Ab             Eb9                  Gb/Ab

And the world will think you’re such a fool to forsake the easy road


       Db                  B/Db           Gb/Db                        Db

But faithful is His promise to those who reach the goal


               Bbm2                         Bbm2/Ab           Eb9                       Gb/Ab

And the road you’ve traveled for so long will some day turn to gold