Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 1998 HIM Music


Key: Eb


Fm/Eb        Eb          Fm/Eb                  E   

Revival is when we take the time to pray


Bb/C         Cm              Bb/C          Cm        

Revival is when we’re willing to obey


Cm/Ab       Ab/Bb     Cm/Ab       Ab/Bb

Revival is when we purify our minds


             Cm                  Fm7             Bb    

And we tear down the idols in our lives


       Eb        Bb/D                Dbmaj7                            C7

Oh, Father,         can’t you hear our desperate cry?


                 Cm7/F    Fm7      Cm7/Eb           Abm6/B    Db6/Ab  

There is a long  -  ing only you can satisfy


    Bb/Eb  Eb            F9    F7            Abmaj7/B  Bb     Eb

Revi   -   val, oh, revi  - val.  Revival comes from you