Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© HIM Music


Key: D


Chorus:                                 D7

                        We’re sending up an invitation


                                             G7         D7

                        We’re asking for a visitation


                                     D7          A7               D7                        G7

                        There’s glory all around let the Holy Ghost come down


                                   C                  G/B         D7

                        We’re sending up an invitation now



Verse 1:          D7

                        Early on Sunday morning


                               G7                                    D7

                        One hundred and twenty in the room



                        So excited about Jesus


                                       E7                                  A7

                        Since the day he walked out of the tomb



                        They were waiting for the arrival


                                   G7                                        F#7

                        Of the Spirit He promised would descend


                                 G7                 E7/G#            D/A                   Bm

                        With hearts in one accord they began to praise the Lord


                                Em7           A7             D7   

                        And sent an invitation up to Him





Verse 2:          D7

                        Fire fell from Heaven


                        G7                                            D7

                        Showering down like summer rain



                        The disciples could not contain it


                                  E7                                    A7

                        Their lives would never be the same



                        Oh Lord, I’m longing for that same spirit


                                    G7                                  F#7

                        Poured out on the day of Pentecost


                                       G7               E7/G#         D/A                        Bm

                        Come on in the open door that’s what we’re waiting for


                              Em7              A7               D7   

                        An interruption of the Holy Ghost