Shake This House

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 1992 HIM Music


Key: Bb






Shake this house, shake this house



Let the power of the Holy Ghost come down


       Eb                       Eb/F

We need a great outpouring


Bb                           G7

Shower down your glory


Cm7         Dm7  Ebm7 Dm7 Cm7   F7   Bb

Come oh Holy Spir  -  it   shake this house



Verse I:


        Bbm                  Bbm/Ab

The disciples of the Lord



Were all in one accord


        Gb/Eb                                    Bbm

And praise is what they came to do (itís what they came to do)


            Bbm            Bbm/Ab

And it wasnít very long



ĎTil the power was so strong


        Gb/Eb                   Db/Eb    F2

The air was filled with His perfume


              F/D                        Bb/G

But the walls could not contain


        F/D                 Bb/G

The power of their praise


                 Eb/C                                   F4                 F

When the presence of the Holy One filled up the room



Verse II:


           Bbm                 Bbm/Ab

Apprehended on the street



They bound their hands and feet


         Gb/Eb                               Bbm

And threw them on the prison floor (they threw them on the floor)


              Bbm                      Bbm/Ab

But the one thing they forgot



That praise cannot be stopped


      Gb/Eb             Db/Eb                 F2

As Paul and Silas worshipped the Lord


              F/D                Bb/G

In them middle of the night


         F/D                     Bb/G

That jailhouse came alive


            Eb/C                                    F4                F

As the shaking of the Holy Ghost opened the doors



Verse III:


    Bbm            Bbm/Ab

If only two or three



Together would agree


         Gb/Eb                                 Bbm

That we are here to praise His name (praise His name)


              Bbm               Bbm/Ab

We can have the confidence



That He is in our midst


        Gb/Eb               Db/Eb   F2

And every promise we can claim


      F/D                   Bb/G

So shout the battle cry


       F/D                 Bb/G

Lift holy hands up high


               Eb/C                                     F4              F

And the gates of hell will not prevail inside this place