Sweet Liberty

Words and Music by Tony Roberts

© 1993 HIM Music


Key: G



Verse I:


  G                          G/B            Cmaj7                   C/A       D

I tried to tell someone today about this love I’d found


G                                G/B                          Cmaj7              C/A

He shook his head, I heard him say “You people are so bound”


Am                          D7                    G         D/F#        Em

I tried to show him he was wrong; he just wouldn’t see


Am                             D/B              Em7            Am                 Am/D

I tried to tell him my chains were gone since Jesus set me free





                    C                          G       Am/G  G

He called it bondage; I call it sweet liber - ty



He said “You folks can’t do a thing”


            G                               G7

I said “We do whatever we please”



He said “The law has got you bound”


            G                                  C2

I said “The Truth has set my free”


                    Am7                      G/D   D7

He called it bondage; I call it sweet liberty



Verse II:


G                              G/B                   Cmaj7         C/A      D

I told him “Ask any junkie that you find on any street


G                              G/B                   Cmaj7                C/A

Just what price that he would pay if he could be set free


Am                   D7                        G    D/F#    Em

I believe he’d tell you, ‘I’d give anything at all


Am                              D/B            Em7             Am                  Am/D

But I’m a prisoner of habit and I can’t break through these walls’”





C                          G/B         C/A                   G

There is none so bound as he who will not see


         C               G/B                        Am                                    C/D

That he that the Son hath set free; he’s the one that’s really free