What Would Happen?

Words and Music by Leon Rich

© 1993 HIM Music


Key: Bb






What would happen if we had two or three


Eb                                                               Bb

That would get together and would just agree?



What would happen if we got in one accord?


Bb                                               Bb/F             Bb

We would see the power of our resurrected Lord



Verse I:



One hundred and twenty gather into the upper room


          Eb                                                                     Bb

They knew that the promise would be coming very soon



And as they got in one mind, and in one accord


        Bb                                                     Bb/F                   Bb

The power came from Heaven that was promised by our Lord



Verse II:



From the upper room, they took it to the street


Eb                                                                     Bb

Telling the good news to everybody they did meet



Miracles and signs were following them


        Bb                                        Bb/F                     Bb

The Holy Ghost and Power had filled them to the brim



Verse III:



Like the day of Pentecost, there’s doubters all around


              Eb                                                                                  Bb

Saying, “We don’t need the old-time way; a new way we have found”



But they have had their chance, and it couldn’t produce the power


Bb                                                                  Bb/F            Bb

Let’s get back to the old-time way; it’s the Holy Ghost hour